Unite Colorado Legislative Update | March 22, 2021

The Colorado legislative session is in full swing, and the Unite Colorado team has been working tirelessly to ensure the needs of the voters are being put first. Here are the latest updates on all things reform and Unite Colorado!

  1. Unite Colorado Hosts Ranked Choice Voting for Legislators

Democracy reform requires the participation of all and last week the Unite Colorado Team had a very encouraging policy briefing with Republican state legislators. Attendees joined former Republican State Representative Cole Wist, former Utah GOP Chairman Stan Lockhart, and Independence Institute Fellow Barry Fagin to discuss how ranked choice voting could benefit Colorado voters.

  1. The Road to a Successful Session

A chaotic and hyper-partisan legislative session has proven the need for the work of Unite Colorado. Among the numerous pieces of legislation making their way through the state legislature are a handful of bills that have serious implications on how Colorado voters' voices are heard. Here are the reform bills to watch: 

HB21-1071 would allow municipalities to utilize ranked choice voting in county-coordinated nonpartisan elections.

HB21-1047 would reduce the ability for county commissions to be gerrymandered to benefit a specific party.

HB21-1011 requires the Secretary of State and county clerk and recorders of certain counties to provide multilingual ballot access.

  1. The Latest on Colorado Redistricting

In 2018, Colorado made history by voting in favor of Amendments Y and Z and effectively establishing independent redistricting commissions for legislative and congressional redistricting. The beginning of 2021 has proven to be a significant step in finally realizing the goals of Amendments Y and Z. March has brought final commissioner selections and the first meetings of these commissions. Despite the challenges presented by delayed census data, these commissions remain instrumental in creating fair maps for future Colorado elections.

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