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The past weeks have undoubtedly been difficult for our state. Colorado is no stranger to tragedy, and the recent mass shooting in Boulder has been felt deeply across our state. Ten innocent lives were lost and our Colorado community has been shaken once again.  

Upon thinking about this tragedy, I have been reminded that we must do better. The burden falls on us all to create safer communities. Part of this work means creating a political environment where we can have meaningful political discourse. Creating a more functional and representative government is central to creating a better and safer state for future generations.

As we think about how we can be a part of the solution here are some things to reflect on:

  1. Remembering Lives Lost

In the wake of another mass-shooting it is imperative that we continue to take time to pause and remember the victims, and consider the grieving families and communities in our state. These people had lives and families — hopes and dreams for their lives. Taking time to recognize the humanity lost this week is one way we can honor these individuals as our state heals from devastating loss.

  1. Don’t wall off Colorado’s Capitol from the people

In response to the events at our nation’s Capitol, many states across the nation (including Colorado) have considered proposals to close-off access to Capitol buildings. In my latest Op-Ed for the Denver Post, I responded to Colorado’s own proposal.

I argue that the fencing proposal has implications that will dramatically influence the relationship between Coloradans and their representatives. The impact of this action is beyond a physical barrier, "people first lose a connection with the physical symbols of democracy and then a deeper more visceral connection to democracy."

Our government belongs to the people and hiding it away from Coloradans is denying the people the access they deserve. Government functions best when the people are welcomed in, not shut out.

  1. Elections that put voters first

“We must put voters first,” says Amber McReynolds from the Colorado based National Vote at Home Institute.

States like Colorado are leading the nation in election transparency and accessibility, but there is still much to do in order to better our election systems for voters. Take a look at Amber’s TedTalk to learn more. Maintaining our democracy requires work and innovation. It’s no easy task, but it is a cause worth investing in.

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